Greeting Card - They Don't Call It Dog Days For Nothin'.


Inside caption reads:
“A day spent playing with your dog,
Is the best investment you’ll ever make.”  -The Tao of Teensy, the Dog.

(Text on back of card reads:) “They Don’t Call It Dog Days For Nothin’.”
Teensy, the best-ever beagle, loves the carefree days of summer. Especially if it involves all her friends coming over for sunbathing, barbecuing and drinking out of that huge water bowl often referred to as a pool! But make no mistake, Teensy can only swim in the kiddie pool on account of her bodacious butt causes her to sink like a rock. If those four paws of hers can feel the bottom, then she’s happy to splash the day away. (And eat grilled burgers. Yeah, don’t forget about the burgers, and chips and ice cream. Definitely the ice cream.)