Greeting Card - No Hissing While Hexing.


Inside caption reads:
“Best witches for a
Hissy Howl-oween.”
“Hiss or Treat.”  -The Tao of Olivia, the Cat.

(Text on back of card reads:) “No Hissing While Hexing.”
Olivia is Teensy’s little feline sister, who can be quite cunning when she wants to. She fancies herself quite the wizard at cooking, and has whipped up kettles full of brews and potions. Most of her recipes focus on “How To Get Rid of Dogs” or eliminating “Cat Scratch Fever”. Regardless, she has quite the following in her little coven and always purrs about what a howling good time they all had. Olivia’s motto is: “Eat. Drink. And be Scary.”