Greeting Card - It Has Nothing To Do With Staying Within The Lines.


Inside caption reads:
“Dogs have a way of
Coloring our world.”  -The Tao of Teensy, the Dog.

(Text on back of card reads:) “It Has Nothing To Do With Staying Within The Lines.”
Teensy, a first-rate beagle has a precious little friend named Francis, who lives a rambunctious life in New York. Whether Francis is designing a chic outfit in the Garment District, or attending a hilarious comedy show, Francis is that colorful character that lights up the world like Broadway! So it’s no wonder that creative Francis has learned that you have to scribble to the beat of your own Crayon. “Use all the colors in your box”, Francis will bark and “don’t be afraid to doodle when the urge hits you!” Well played, Francis. Well played.