Greeting Card - Breathe From The Diaphragm.


Inside caption reads: 
“How good your
 Singing sounds
 Depends on how much
 Fur you have in your ears."  -The Tao of Olivia, the Cat. 

 (Text on back of card reads:) “Breathe From The Diaphragm.”
Olivia, a rescued kitty works nights (in her own reality) as a lounge singer in a back-alley bar. Needless to say her caterwauling has amassed some back-up crooners to help her belt out the big show tunes. “I fancy myself on par with Cat Stevens” Olivia remarked in a recent interview, “only with a howling, bluesy vibe.” She’s currently rehearsing for a lead role in “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.” (Yeah, right.)