Greeting Card - Someone’s Gettin’ A Kitten.


Inside caption reads: 

"Birds are always flittin'

By pups I've been bitin'

So the bottom line is

I'm smitten with kittens."  -The Tao of KeeKee, the Cat. 

(Text on back of card reads:) “Someone’s Gettin’ A Kitten.”

Teensy, a darling beagle, and her mom have a knack for rescuing stray kittens. So it was no surprise when Teensy’s mom found 10 kittens and packed them all in her pockets to bring home. Teensy did her best with all the tongue baths she had to give and together they found them all good homes. Except the littlest, Bubbie, they kept to call their own. Teensy declared her new little brother: “purr-fect”