About Us

I am a 20-year veteran artist of advertising agencies as well as a former designer for The Wall Street Journal. My colorful hand-drawn illustrations combine a mixture of watercolor, felt pens and ink. The comical subject matter is thanks to my family of cats and dogs who supply an ongoing array of hilarious ideas. (They are generously compensated in cookies and hugs.)

As a graduate of Brigham Young University with degrees in both English and Graphic Design, my full-service studio allows me to develop each product on my own, including concept art, production, copywriting, packaging and advertising.

My custom pet portraits are painted in acrylic on stretched canvas and have become an incredibly popular addition to the art services I offer.

Teensy, a beloved beagle, and her little sister Tyler, both comical geniuses are an integral part of my studio and insistent reminders to stop drawing occasionally and enjoy a tasty snack together.